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In our homes, the kitchen is probably the least organized space. From trying to keep the counter clutter to a minimum, to the housewives all wanting all the kitchen gadgets to make nutritious meals faster, while the home-makers and the neat freaks amongst us want to organize all the kitchen appliances functionally… In all, we ll have different sizes of kitchens, families, and different lifestyle…,leaving us with the question. How do we organize and store our kitchen appliances. The answer depends on the storage methods, which will depend primarily on three variables

A. Availability of Storage Space ( Cabinets, corner carts, pantry countertops etc)
B. Lifestyle (Smoothie lover, Vegan diet, meat eater, picky eater etc)
C. Size and ease of use of appliance.
Considering these variables will ensure your kitchen appliances are well organized and easy for use.

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