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Sometimes, good things of life come in small packages, and that is the reason The HT GenPAL Air Conditioner is an affordable luxury that every household needs to experience. Consequently, The GenPAL Inverter Air Conditioner can be powered by a 0.9KVA generator,which in turn saves you from the cost of the initial investment for the generator, as well as the high cost of constantly fueling such “Big Generators” when they are in use. Hence, household and offices with multiple airconditioners can save alot on electricity consumption and generator size requirements

Therefore, it can be safe to say that with The Haier Thermocool GenPAL Airconditioners, it’s a WIN-WIN situation, as you not only get to save some money.., you also get to enjoy your money’s worth to the Max.

Haier Thermocool: Always there for you ✌️



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