Haier Thermocool Antibacterial Washing Machine

Exciting Features of Haier Thermocool Antibacterial washing machine

Washing can be very hectic and not fun when there are tons of dirty laundry. The stress of washing your clothes in the washing machine over and over and over so it comes out clean and fresh can be time consuming. But sometimes the end result isn’t a 100% satisfactory, leaving you dissatisfied.

The new invention of Haier Thermocool Antibacterial washing machine has made everything easier and better. Introducing the first washing machine with a self-cleaning technology that prevents bacteria and dirt accumulation inside the machine, making clothes squeaky-clean and fresh in just one wash cycle.

Not every household can afford a washing machine for their regular laundry they prefer using their hands (The old way). Thus, doing a very effective and hygienic laundry is a very big challenge for the majority. We also understand how disheartening it can be to wash your clothes in a washing machine and still have them look poorly washed, smell bad or even causes you itch.


The Thermocool antibacterial washing machine has lots of unique special features and is designed specifically to solve these problems.

How it Works

  1. Begin the wash cycle
  2. Water enters the capsule activating the dynamic smart balls.
  3. The smart balls are anti-bacteria and germ-free nanometers made with a special rubber that actively strike inner and outer tub at a 25 million times in a wash cycle.

The synopsis of it all is that the antibacterial technology cleans the washing machine automatically at the end of the wash cycle.


The antibacterial materials are added to the plastics through the integrated injection molding to give the following;

  • Anti-Bacterial growth
  • More hygienic laundry
  • Less cleaning
  • Fresh smell


The antibacterial rate is 99.99% so you can be assured that your clothes will be germ-free and sparkly clean. The Haier Thermocool Antibacterial washing machine is a priority for every household as it is safe for both children and adult clothing. Say goodbye to the stress of going through multiple wash cycles to get your clothes clean. Amazing right?


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Get your Haier Thermocool Anti-bacterial Washing Machine today and experience the most hygienic, seamless and stress-free laundry process ever!


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