Amazing Features of The New Haier Thermocool Turbo Freezers Series – Save Money & Energy 2

Why choose Haier Thermocool Turbo Freezers series?

When it comes to choosing the right appliance, a lot of people need guidance. Everyone deserves the best and if you are reading this, I’ll be showing you something new so stay tuned.

Have you heard of the new Freezer series called the Haier Thermocool Turbo Freezers ? it’s not like the regular everyday freezer in the market and guess what…? They are affordable! But before we talk about how great Thermocool’s Turbo Freezers are, let’s look at what makes it special.


What are the features ?

Thermocool’s range of inverter freezers now includes Turbo Freezers. These feature Stabilizer Free operation as well as Inverter Technology Compressor, enabling large size freezers to work with small generators. Helping you save up to 50% energy savings on your electricity bill, Thermocool Turbo Freezers are ideal for consumers with prepaid meters. Isn’t this amazing ? Yeah!

The Turbo Freezer series has fantastic features that support both personal & commercial use. It’s Double Inverter Freezing Technology helps to achieve uniform freezing across all items in the freezer cabinet within the shortest time period. How does it work? Turbo Freezers feature a unique TURBO FAN that aids with rapid freezing from both the top down and bottom up. The amazing part about the Thermocool Turbo Freezers Series is that it can keep things frozen for the longest time without electricity.

That’s not all! Turbo freezers also feature an operating voltage range of between 130V and 260V, the widest voltage range operation for freezers available in the market today.

Have peace of mind and enjoy a minimum of 120 hours of frozen retention in case of power outage.

So no need to worry about items in the freezer defrosting fast after power outage, you can count on our Turbo Freezers because Haier Thermocool has got you!


How & Where To Purchase

Walk into any Thermocool Showroom in your location to purchase or if you are in Lagos and you want a more efficient mode of delivery without hassle, kindly visit Runs and Trails to get a wide range of Thermocool appliances like the “Haier Thermocool Turbo Freezers” and many more… Runs & Trails is an accredited franchisee of Thermocool with a cool online store that makes shopping very easy and convenient.

The great news is, Thermocool Turbo freezers come with 5 years warranty on Cabinet and Compressor so you can rest easy.



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